A registered, certified apprenticeship offers students wonderful prospects, beginning with the opportunity to start earning a paycheck from their first day on the job.

Apprenticeships (which can last from one to six years) connect education and work simultaneously: apprentices gain industry-recognized credentials, and in many cases, college credits that can lead to an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Those credentials in turn often lead to a long-term, well-paying career. Over a career, someone who has gone through a Registered Apprenticeship program earns an estimated $300,000 more in salary and benefits than someone who did not.

Not only is the student’s long-term earning potential greater, because the apprenticeship is tuition-free, there is zero education related debt at the end of the apprenticeship. How many traditional college/university students can say that they a) have a career (not just a job) to begin the day after graduation and b) are graduating without student debt? Almost none.

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