Mechanical Insulator Careers

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Mechanical Insulator Careers

Mechanical insulation is thermal insulation used on piping, equipment and all types of mechanical systems, including boilers, HVAC systems and ducts. Mechanical insulation serves the following functions:
  • Conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Regulate the temperature of process systems
  • Condensation control and mold prevention

Insulators perform physically demanding and dangerous work, often working at great heights. As a result, workers must wear protective equipment, like harnesses, to reduce the risk of on the job injury.

Insulators learn their trade through a registered apprenticeship program that is usually cost free to the student. A high-school diploma or equivalent is typically required to begin your apprenticeship and career in the trade.

Insulators can earn up to


After the apprenticeship and based on certifications, a journeyperson insulator (a qualified and skilled person in a trade), can earn up to $35.00 an hour.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Employment of insulators is projected to grow 5% from 2014 to 2024, on pace with the average for all occupations. The construction of large projects, such as high-rise buildings, is expected to drive employment growth, as will the need to rehabilitate, maintain and replace an increasing number of aging buildings.

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