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New Year, New Career

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 28, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by Construct Your Future

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A new year, a fresh start. Around this time of year, you likely spend some time reflecting on the past year - how you spent it, how you wish you had spent it - and thinking about what you want the year ahead to be like. What are your goals, dreams, and aspirations? What will you change? What will you keep the same? 

While the most common new year’s resolutions revolve around health and fitness - eating healthier, exercising more, etc. - 21% of people listed pursuing a career ambition as one of their top resolutions last year, and for good reason. We spend roughly 90,000 hours, which equates to ⅓ of our lifetime, at work. That’s a lot of time! And yet, in a recent survey, 50% of respondents said they disliked their jobs, citing reasons like unfair pay, underappreciation, being overworked, and no opportunity for advancement.

pexels-thirdman-8482823As you’re reflecting on the past year and your career, does this sound like you? Are you unhappy where you are, and ready to make a change? Are you ready to pursue a new career that is rewarding, fulfilling, and never boring? One that you actually love? Consider joining the thousands of men and women who are pursuing a career in the building trades as electricians, sheet metal workers, plumbers, roofers, glaziers, painters, and more!

Year after year, those in the skilled trades report higher job satisfaction than other professions. Why? The building trades offer:

The best part? It’s easy to get started with a career in the trades. There’s no need to go back to school for another degree, or to sacrifice income to gain needed experience or certifications. If you’re just starting out in the profession, you can become an apprentice. Apprentices learn in a classroom, learn on the job site, and start earning money right away. NOT two to four years later. That’s right! You learn, make money, and get great benefits from Day 1! If you have experience in the trades, you can come in at a higher level and make even more money! Either way, you win.

If you’re not familiar with the building construction trades, know that there’s a career for everyone: men, women, young and inexperienced, older with experience, want to work outdoors, prefer to work indoors, like to work with machinery, want to be in a more artistic field, etc.

So, what do you say? Will this year be the year that you take a brave, new step to start a career that you are proud of, and is worthy of ⅓ of your life? We’d love to have you join us! Learn more, and get started with a bright new career today.

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