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A Job You Can Be Proud of in the Construction Trades

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 16, 2021 2:39:13 PM / by Construct Your Future

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We spend nearly 30 percent of our lives working, yet over 50% of U.S. workers aren’t satisfied with their jobs. When you spend so much of your precious time and life at work, finding a career that’s fulfilling and rewarding should be of the utmost importance.

That’s why so many pursue a career in the building trades. Year after year, those in the skilled trades report higher job satisfaction than other professions. Why do they find their careers so rewarding?

It's Not a Job, It's a Craft

Those of us in the building trades know that what we do is hard, and it requires real skill. This is why we call ourselves craftsmen and craftswomen. We start out doing simple tasks and quickly develop real skills that make us valuable to our employers and allow us to do amazing things. The next time you see an important or striking building, think about the craftsmen and craftswomen who used their tools, training and know how to create something enduring, safe and beautiful.

Serving Your Community

It’s easy to take pride in your work, when you know your work directly benefits and serves the lives of those around you. It’s easy to love your work when you realize that you helped build the houses we call home, the schools our children attend, the hospitals that care for our sick, the power plant that fuels our economy, and on and on. While some in the trades travel far and wide, most do their great work in their local communities.

Tangible Work that Will Last

The next time you’re on an airplane, look down and marvel at what the building trades have done to our national landscape. We’ve built cities, corporate office parks, stadiums, skyscrapers, manufacturing plants, and farms large and small. In the building trades, tradespeople can see the direct results of their work day after day, and know that they are making a tangible mark on the world and their community. They can point to something and proudly say, “I helped build that” for years and years to come. 

With work that’s  so rewarding, it’s not difficult to see why those in the skilled trades are not only satisfied with their jobs but are proud of their jobs and the work they do. 

Ready to get started with a career in the trades, and do work you can be proud of day in and day out? Come join us! Life’s too short to do otherwise! 


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