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Great Careers in High Demand

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 23, 2021 1:16:30 PM / by Construct Your Future

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Thinking about a new career? Looking for work that you can not only be proud of and fulfilled by, but a career that is built on real, lasting skills that is secure and can’t be outsourced or automated? Look no further than a career in the building trades!


A career in the building trades offers a bright future, providing stable, well-paying jobs, even in tough economic climates. While COVID-19 slowed the pace of construction work temporarily, construction projects are now back in full force, thanks to pent up demand. And now that the economy has opened up, the need for good, skilled labor is higher than ever before. According to a recent analysis by PeopleReady, demand for skilled labor actually soared between March 2020 and January 2021, citing increases of: 

  • Drywall finishers - 100%
  • Tile and stone setters - 94%
  • Roofer helpers - 24%
  • Glaziers - 19%
  • Carpenters - 16%
  • Bricklayer helpers - 16%
  • Drywall installers - 12%
  • Skilled construction workers - 11% 

These are astounding numbers, especially in a time when almost all other professions were facing staggering layoffs!

Not only are these skills highly sought after now, they will be needed long into the future. No technology or automation will ever be able to replace the dexterity of human hands and the highly crafted and skilled work that tradespeople are able to do. Being able to do good, honest work with your hands is some of the best job security there is. In addition, Boomers are retiring, leaving an even bigger talent gap in the building trades. Because of this, the opportunities for learning, growth and advancement are almost limitless! 

Even better, the benefits are fantastic: competitive salaries, great work-life balance, rich health and wellness benefits, and more.

As you’re exploring career paths, and weighing the pros and cons of different professions, make sure to take future potential and demand into account. In the building trades, demand is high and the future is bright. We’d love to have you join us! Learn more about a life in the trades, here.


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