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New Beginnings: Why You Should Consider A Career in the Construction Trades

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 11, 2021 10:30:00 AM / by Construct Your Future

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2020 was quite a year. While it has been trying for all of us, it’s also forced good and needed reflection on what we really value, and what we want from life moving forward, both personally and professionally. Coupled with a new year and the new resolutions that come with it, 2021 is sure to be a year of progress, change, and growth.

Did 2020 make you question your career path and future? Are you looking for a job that’s more hands-on, agile, and creative? Want a new challenge and new adventure in 2021? The construction trades have so much to offer, especially if you want to get right to work on a new path.

Why should you consider a career in the construction trades?


There are innumerable benefits to working in the construction trades, including:

  • Career stability. The trades are always in demand. There are currently shortages in many of the trades because baby boomers are retiring, our nation’s infrastructure is constantly in need of upgrading, and some sectors are expecting a post-COVID boom. While construction halted briefly at the beginning of the pandemic, construction is back.
  • On the job training. If you’re looking to switch careers, all the trades offer on-the-job training through apprenticeships and on-the-job training, which means you can get right to work on day one, and earn while you learn.
  • Earn a good living. Skilled trades workers consistently earn a good living, and starting salaries are sometimes higher than your average college graduate’s entry level salary.
  • Great benefits. Think it’s fun to be part of the gig economy and your own hours? Well, that gig doesn’t include benefits. That’s right, no paid vacation, no sick leave, no health insurance, no retirement funds. The trades offer great benefits, including paid time off, education credits, contributions toward you retirement, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and so much more! All in all, these benefits add thousands of dollars each year to your total compensation.
  • No desk required. Some people just weren’t made for sitting at a desk all day. In fact, none of us were! Trade jobs are much more active, allowing you to keep your body busy and moving while doing meaningful work.
  • Job satisfaction. Numerous studies show that those in the skilled trades report higher job satisfaction than other professions. It’s no wonder - trades work provides real world solutions to problems, and the results are tangible and tactile. Look around your city and town; tradesmen and women built your home, office building, school, roads, hospitals, museums, and so much more. Tradesmen and women have great pride in what they do and what they contribute to our communities!
  • Great work-life balance. Unlike many other professions who have to take work home, trades workers leave their work on the job site. When they’re home, they’re home, and able to spend more focused time on family, friends, and leisure activities. Not to mention that trades workers often have strict contractual hours agreed upon, making unpaid overtime almost nonexistent.

Still not convinced? A few years ago, a Forbes article argued that the U.S. should desperately bring back trade and vocational schools, and we are already seeing that happen across the country in the construction trades.

As you reflect on 2020, realign your priorities and set your goals for your future, consider all that the trades have to offer. Few things are more exciting than a new beginning and a new path forward after a long and hard year.

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