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Should I Consider Apprenticeship Instead of College?

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 18, 2021 3:18:31 PM / by Construct Your Future

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College certainly isn’t for everybody. We all have different passions, dreams, talents, and career aspirations. For many, the education required to reach those goals doesn’t have to come from a four-year college or university.

That’s why apprenticeship is a great choice! Apprenticeships offer a compelling education path for many. They offer training and jobs that you can not only be proud of, but also offer great benefits, stability, and high salary potential.  

Why Should You Consider Apprenticeship Over a College Degree?

cWSYMxEAApprenticeships and trade schools offer a more streamlined approach to education. Instead of a general education received at a four-year university, apprenticeships offer specialized training for a particular skilled vocation. You get to skip past all the extra time, papers, and work that goes into general education and liberal arts courses, and instead get to focus on learning and honing your craft, day in and day out.

You get a head start on building wealth. Many trade schools take two years or less to complete, where a college degree takes four years at minimum. With an apprenticeship, you begin working right away and that means you’ll be in the workforce, earning a good living, earlier. Think of all you could do with that extra cash in your pocket! When you’re in the trades, you earn while you learn. You get paid for the labor you provide during on-the-job-training, which is money you can use to live the good life now, not later.

Training costs less. The average annual cost of college tuition in the U.S. in 2021 is $27,020 at a public university, and $35,720 at a private university. While the costs of trade school vary widely, depending on the program and length of program, the costs are nowhere near as high as the cost of university. And, many apprenticeship programs cost little to nothing to attend! So not only will you be earning sooner than your college-bound peers, you’ll also be spending less. While you’re working and earning, your peers in college will still be busy racking up piles of debt.

Skilled tradespeople are in high demand. The need for good, skilled labor is higher than ever before, and will be needed long into the future. Careers in the trades are built on real, lasting skills that are secure, can’t be outsourced or automated, and withstand tough economic climates. During the past year when many professions were seeing staggering layoffs, the demand for skilled trade labor actually soared!

You won’t have to sit at a desk all day. Many people learn too late in life that they aren’t made for sitting at a desk behind a screen all day, which is the life that many college degrees offer. If you love learning new skills, working with your hands, and want a rewarding, active career that you can be proud of, the trades might just be the perfect fit for you.


If you’re a hands-on learner, interested in honing a real craft, and want to find a great career that you can excel in and be proud of, look no further than the construction trades. Life is good here! Learn how to get started today.


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