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Apprenticeship Prepares You for a Lifelong Career

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 20, 2022 11:55:28 AM / by Construct Your Future

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Tired of working job after job, feeling like you have little purpose or direction for what lies beyond today or tomorrow? Longing for a career where you can learn, grow, and thrive, earn a great living, and know that your work is important and meaningful?

pexels-emmanuel-ikwuegbu-7861963All of this and more is possible through an apprenticeship in the building trades.

“We try to teach people in an apprenticeship that we prepare you for a career. It’s not just a job for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s job may end the day after tomorrow, but a career is going to continue,” said Todd Stafford, Executive Director of the electrical training ALLIANCE, in a recent podcast interview about electrical apprenticeships.

In the episode, Mr. Stafford goes on to explain how apprenticeship:

  • Prepares you for a career
  • Gives you a great base for learning
  • Helps you mature
  • Offers mentors who help apprentices succeed through 1-to-1 relationships 

During the podcast, Mr. Stafford shares, “As you learn the skill sets involved with the electrical industry, or any of the building trades, you’re prepared to succeed in life in many different avenues that you want to pursue and use that base-level learning for whatever you want to pursue.”

Mr. Stafford also talks about how the electrical training ALLIANCE is finding ways to make apprenticeships more accessible for people from all walks of life. By finding new and different ways to fund expenses that typically aren’t covered for apprenticeships (like clothing, tools, childcare, health insurance), there is more opportunity than ever to secure an apprenticeship that will open doors and provide lasting, meaningful careers to anyone who is interested and committed.

Curious to learn more about apprenticeships and how the electrical training ALLIANCE can help you make your career aspirations a reality? Listen to the recent podcast episode now!


Interested in a long and lasting career in the trades, and not just a job for the next year or maybe two? Explore the trades, and get started on the path to apprenticeship today!


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