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Why Safety is a Never-Ending Topic in the Construction Industry

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 8, 2023 4:08:55 PM / by Construct Your Future

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You may have noticed that in the world of construction, we talk about safety a lot

Throughout the year, there are countless events, weeks, and months dedicated to safety - including this week, OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week. But we do much more than talk about it. We train on it, live it, and lead with it on a daily basis. 

Why? Safety is the cornerstone of a successful and thriving construction career and industry. 

“Safety first” isn’t just a catchy slogan - it's a guiding principle, a way of life that underscores everything we do. It's a commitment that is a HUGE part of every project, from the drawing board to the final paint job.

Why Safety Matters

hardhat-6657476_1280Why prioritize safety when safety measures cost time and money?

Because safety protects our most valuable resource: YOU! In the building trades, our workers are our most valuable resource, and their well-being is always the highest priority. Safety boosts productivity because a safe workplace is one where workers are engaged, motivated, and committed to their craft.

What Does a Safe Construction Site Look Like?

Thanks to the construction industry’s unwavering commitment to safety, the building trades have made great strides in creating safer work environments and reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities. You probably already know that everyone on a job site wears a helmet and close-toed (steel toe is even better!) shoes. But here are some other ways that job sites are safer than ever:

  • Every worker must complete OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training before ever setting fotd on a job site. 
  • Every worker must wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) that is appropriate for their tasks. Working with sawdust? You’ll be provided with a respirator. Working in a loud environment? You’ll be given a pair of noise-canceling headphones.
  • Remember the buddy system in school? The rule applies to job sites as well. Individuals work in pairs or teams so they can watch out for each other and provide quick help during an emergency.
  • The greatest risks on a construction site are from falls and working with electricity. Extra training, special gear, and extra precautions apply when working on a roof or tall building and when working with electricity.
As you can see, safety is not merely about ticking boxes or following regulations; it's about ensuring the well-being of each and every individual involved in the construction process.

By prioritizing safety, we protect our workers and make projects better. Safety isn’t a priority for just one day or week; safety is a priority ALL the time.

Want to learn more about a meaningful career in an industry that’s #1 priority is the safety and well-being of its workers? Explore the trades and get started today! 


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