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Why Choose a Career in Construction?

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When people think of construction work, they often think of jobs, and not careers. But for most in the construction trades, their work is not a job, not a career, but a true vocation. Don’t believe us? A recent report showed that 83% of tradespeople are highly satisfied in their choice of work!

What is it about the construction trades careers that is so appealing to hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers? Here are just a few of the reasons why a career in the construction trades is such a great choice:

Why Work in the Construction Trades?

joe-holland-80zZ1s24Nag-unsplashIt’s work you can be proud of. There is a special kind of pride that comes with pointing to something and being able to say, “I helped build that.” Working in the construction trades, you get to build a better America, quite literally, with your own hands. It’s real, lasting, meaningful work. You get to build new things, things that didn’t exist before, that will last for years, and maybe even generations, to come. 

It’s intellectually stimulating and never boring. No two days on the job site are ever the same, and each job and job site is unique. A construction career is full of fascinating challenges with a lot of room for creativity and innovation. An electrical worker might be diving deep in the Atlantic to lay underwater fiber optics cable. An ironworker might be on the next generation skyscraper that will withstand earthquakes in San Francisco. An ornamental painter might be painting the interior of a new museum in Santa Fe. You can be sure that you’ll never face the exact same set of challenges twice. 

The pay and benefits are great. Did you know that some tradespeople earn high five-figure salaries, and can even make north of six figures as they progress in their career? That’s a pretty great living! Plus, in the construction trades, the benefits are bountiful. Tradesmen and women have access to great health insurance, paid time off, sick leave, unemployment insurance, a pension, job security, and so much more.

Skilled workers are in extremely high demand. Construction is booming, and with the Boomer generation rapidly retiring, there’s more work to be done than there are skilled workers to do it. This high level of demand, coupled with a strong building market, provides a ton of opportunity for tradespeople, and provides a great deal of job stability and security. 

It’s rewarding. When you work in the construction trades, you get to make a big impact in your community. Your work directly benefits and serves the lives of those around you. You get to build the houses we call home, the schools our children attend, the hospitals that care for our sick, the power plant that fuels our economy, the roads that connect us, and more. 

You start earning from Day 1. When you become an apprentice in the trades, you earn while you learn, meaning you can start building wealth sooner, and don’t have to put off enjoying the finer things in life. Where else can you get paid to receive a world-class education while working elbow to elbow with some of the most talented people in your field? 

Limitless opportunity. It’s been said that today’s tradespeople are tomorrow’s industry leaders, and this couldn’t be more true! Through hard work and dedication, many tradespeople have risen through the ranks and found themselves in positions they thought they could only dream of. The opportunities for upward mobility are endless, especially given the high demand for skilled workers. 

Are you ready to pursue a career that is rewarding, fulfilling, and never boring? A true vocation? Consider joining the thousands of men and women who are pursuing a career in the building trades as electricians, sheet metal workers, plumbers, roofers, glaziers, painters, and more! Learn more and get started today. 


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