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Where are the jobs?

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Like other students across America, you have probably been told by your teachers, counselors and parents that college is the only way to get a good job. 

The truth is, millions of college graduates struggle to find employment in their preferred field. They spend a lot of money and go into debt for a piece of paper that does not always help them land the job that will make them happy or help pay off their student loans. 

A article points out that roughly 13 million Americans with college degrees are unemployed and countless more are either under employed or have given up trying to find a job in their chosen field. 

Bachelor’s degrees in certain fields such as philosophy, fine arts and others leave graduates struggling to find work. 

Instead of being one of the millions of graduates struggling to find work, you might consider a college alternative in an industry where thousands of jobs are going unfilled, which provide a livable wage and life-long career opportunities. 

Now is the time to take a serious look at the construction industry, where there is an immediate need for skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen. 

Throughout the nation, there are construction jobs going unfilled because there are not enough individuals with industry experience or beginners willing to work as apprentices. 

Construction jobs, by the way, are in-demand and pay well – especially when men and women go through a registered apprenticeship programs. 

Think about your future and think about where the jobs of tomorrow will be. Think about joining the construction industry. 

Learn more about construction jobs by clicking here.



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