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What it Takes to be an Electrical Lineman

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There’s no doubt about it: lineworkers have one of the most important jobs in our country. They keep our lights on, quite literally. Lineworkers are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and repairing the power lines that bring electricity from the powerplant to our homes, businesses, and communities.

lineworkersAfter a major storm, natural disaster, or other emergency, lineworkers are often some of the first on the scene, bravely facing the elements and risky situations to repair power lines and restore power. In between major events, lineworkers are always hard at work, delivering power to new developments and areas, and making sure our power lines are safe and secure.

It’s a big job, and with great power (pun intended) comes great responsibility: the responsibility to keep our nation up and running.

What Does it Take to Be an Electrical Lineworker?

Linework certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. Line workers are a unique, strong crew, and while they get to do some of the most gratifying work, it’s not possible without a strong work ethic, a good attitude, dedication, and unrivaled craftsmanship.  

  • Lineworkers are strong, both physically and mentally. The job requires great focus, and line workers need to be able to think and act quickly, both in calm and under pressure. 
  • Lineworkers are jacks of all trades. Lumberjack, pipefitter, laborer, truck driver, crane operator, brother, sister, and neighbor are just a few of the other hats a line worker wears on the job. It’s never boring, that’s for sure! 
  • Lineworkers are smart. Linework requires strong analytical and problem-solving skills, a deep understanding of electrical and power equipment and knowledge of electrical currents, voltage and resistance. 
  • Lineworkers are brave. While most days are spent out of harm’s way, lineworkers work at great heights and must be willing to walk into difficult situations bravely and confidently when disaster strikes.
  • Lineworkers are skilled. Their work is very precise. Lineworkers need to know how to read plans and diagrams, figure out tensions and loads, and they have to be able to think and act quickly during an emergency, understanding things that can’t be heard, seen, or touched.

As you can imagine, a lineworker’s job isn’t always easy or glamorous, but ask any line worker and they’ll tell you that it might just be the most gratifying job out there. What’s more, line workers are in high demand because construction work is booming, new residential developments are springing up everywhere, and line workers are always needed after storms. All of this means that line workers are well compensated and enjoy terrific benefits!

When one Journeyman was asked what he loved most about being a line worker he replied: “There’s a certain amount of satisfaction in being able to do what most would never even try.”

Think you have what it takes to be a line worker? Learn more about how to get started with an electrical apprenticeship to join the ranks today. 



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