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The ‘pay gap’ for women and minorities does not exist in registered apprenticeship programs

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 5, 2020 8:41:13 AM / by Construct Your Future

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For decades, reviews and professional studies that track pay and benefits of various occupations have found that women and minorities are often not compensated equally when compared to their counterparts.

A recent report constructed by the Financial Times reported that the pay gap between males and females of equal experience is shrinking, but there is still work to be done as the gap still exists.

When applying for a registered apprenticeship program in any of the construction trades, all candidates are treated -- and paid -- equal. Salaries and benefits are established in a collectively bargained contract, with increases tied to experience level. This means everyone, regardless of gender, age or race, receives equal pay for equal work.

This is another reason why women and minorities are encouraged, now more than ever, to apply for a registered apprenticeship program in the construction trades.

During and after completing a registered apprenticeship, men and women earn equal wages with scheduled pay increases based on experience and training. The collectively bargained contract does not allow for two people with the same amount of experience, training, and job responsibilities to be compensated differently.

Other data compiled by the Economic Policy Institute found that even minorities who have obtained an advanced degree face wage discrimination, earning less than non-Hispanic, white men.

In a registered apprenticeship program, minorities will find themselves making the same amount as others with the same level of experience. Thanks to their collectively bargained contracts, minorities find a truly equal opportunity in the workplace.

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