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Student debt continues to climb

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 23, 2020 8:47:02 AM / by Construct Your Future

The student loan debt in the United States has reached $1.6 trillion and is continuing to climb at alarming rates.

According to the most recent data gathered by the Institute for College Access and Success, the average student debt of a four-year institution graduate is $29,200.

Despite the growing debt accrued by college students, most young, impressionable teenagers are repeatedly told that after high school the only option to secure a middle-class lifestyle and successful career is to attend a four-year college. But no one talks about the high dropout rate among college students or the difficulties in finding a job after college in order to pay back student loans that typically begin six-months after graduation.

Young people can avoid debilitating student debt through registered apprenticeship programs. This allows recent high school graduates to begin working right away, obtaining career skills and receiving a paycheck at the same time.

Arguably, the best part of a registered apprenticeship program is that it has little to no cost to the student.

Apprentices working in the construction industry learn on-the-job from experienced journeymen who have been in the trades for years. They then attend classes to supplement their hands-on learning.

The student loan crisis has defined multiple generations of Americans. Despite heightened attention to this issue, tuition at most universities continues to rise.

Seeing as the current building trades workforce is aging, more and more experienced construction workers are expected to retire in the coming years; creating even more opportunities for young people to step in and fill the gaps. These tradespeople earn a comfortable living and are usually provided with benefits such as health insurance and a pension so that they can retire with confidence.

Many registered apprenticeship programs even offer opportunities to earn college credits through a community college partnership.

To learn more about the benefits of registered apprenticeship programs and the variety of career opportunities in the construction industry, browse this website to Construct Your Future.


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