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Seven reasons not to attend college

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Michael Price, author of What Next? The Millennial’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Real World, believes anyone who makes the terrible mistake of pursuing a college education in this day and age will live to regret it. 

He believes that in the 1970s, college and universities used propaganda to convince people to attend their schools in order to get better jobs, while increasing the school’s profits through increased enrollment. In addition, he calls most degrees useless saying, “there are some fields of study that do teach you marketable skills such as accounting, medicine, law, or computer science, but a vast majority of college graduates nowadays are pursuing degrees in business administration, marketing, or psychology. These degrees are absolutely worthless.” 

In a Huffington Post article, Price identifies seven reasons not to attend college:

  1. Students are not prepared for the real world
  2. Low job opportunities
  3. Student loan debt
  4. College graduates are not job ready and that keeps them from getting jobs
  5. Your degree will be obsolete before you graduate
  6. Too many other people have your same degree, meaning employers have their pick of the litter
  7. College is a waste of time 

In the same article, Price urges students to skip college and focus on these four points:

  1. Educate yourself through free online tutorials and actual real world experience
  2. Go into business for yourself
  3. Build yourself a brand
  4. Go to a vocational/trade school 

On the last item in particular, Price argues many people complain about the lack of white collar jobs. 

“Do you know that there are an estimated 3 million labor jobs available; 90% of them don’t require a college degree and most of them pay more than white collar jobs. They simply require a skill. A skill that can be learned at a vocational or trade school.” 

You can earn more than most college graduates by joining a registered apprenticeship program. Avoid the costly mistakes made by countless numbers of college graduates and construct your future by joining the construction industry. 

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