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Registered electrical apprenticeship programs provide valuable training for a great career

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 24, 2018 9:20:29 AM / by Construct Your Future

A number of high school graduates and college students struggle to find a career that pays well and they enjoy. A registered apprenticeship program in the construction industry can set you ahead for a life of financial success.

As older generations retire, job opportunities in the construction industries have become plentiful. Now is the time to take advantage of these job openings and begin your career in construction.

The high quality training apprentices receive while completing a construction industry registered apprenticeship program provides them with lifelong skills sought by contractors. On-the-job training, combined with traditional classroom instruction, not only accommodates for a multitude of learning types, but prepares apprentices for a successful career.

Training to be an electrical worker, through a registered apprenticeship program, allows you to learn free, valuable skills and knowledge. A registered electrical apprenticeship program is a great way for high school graduates to get a head start on their career.

Electrical worker apprentices earn a livable wage, plus great healthcare and retirement benefits. By joining an apprenticeship out of high school, you can avoid costly college debt while earning money to purchase a house or new vehicle.

If you think a college degree is the only way to guarantee a good paying job, you are wrong. Most first year college graduates earn less than a person who completes a construction industry registered apprenticeship program. Furthermore, some companies provide little to no health and retirement benefits.

A registered electrical worker apprenticeship is not just for recent high school graduates. If you have a GED, a college degree, unhappy with your current job or just need to change your life, then you should consider applying to become an electrical worker apprentice.

Browse through this site to see where a registered electrical worker apprenticeship program can take you and how it can lead you to a future of success.

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