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The Freedoms of a Good Career in the Building Trades

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 29, 2023 4:19:24 PM / by Construct Your Future posted in building trades, careers, United States Construction, career opportunities, benefits

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In America, we enjoy many freedoms. We are lucky to have the freedom to think, act, speak, gather, and pursue our passions, not only personally, but in our careers as well. 

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The Building Trades Make Summer Travel and Vacations Possible

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 21, 2023 11:10:41 AM / by Construct Your Future posted in building trades, United States Construction

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As summer rolls around, many of us can't help but feel that familiar itch to explore new places, soak up the sun, and make unforgettable memories. But have you ever stopped to think about all that goes into making those incredible destinations, travel, and experiences possible?

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Safety First! Why Safety Training Starts in Apprenticeship

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 16, 2023 11:36:43 AM / by Construct Your Future posted in apprenticeship, job safety

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In the building trades, we talk about safety a lot. And for good reason! There are some very real hazards on construction sites - heavy machinery, working from high places, moving objects, and loud noises, to name a few - that can cause serious injury if we don’t lead with a safety mindset in everything we do. 

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Mental Health Support in the Building Trades

[fa icon="calendar'] May 24, 2023 1:41:20 PM / by Construct Your Future posted in building trades, job safety, health and wellness

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In the building trades, no one should struggle alone.

One of the first lessons you learn in a building trades apprenticeship is that asking for help is never a sign of weakness; it’s an essential skill. Maybe the most essential skill. If you don’t ask for help when you need it, problems get compounded, deadlines get missed, the project suffers, and most importantly, safety is greatly compromised for you and those around you. 

Whether you need an extra hand to carry a heavy load, an extra set of eyes on a tricky installation, help troubleshooting malfunctioning equipment, or someone to hold a ladder, you’re sure to get it. Anyone who has ever worked in construction can attest that it’s a team sport. Work in the construction trades can never, and will never, be done alone.

And needing help can extend far beyond the physical. All trades workers, whether electrical workers, painters, plumbers, carpenters, masons, roofers, or other trades, face unique stressors that can take a toll on their mental health. Just like their need for help extends far beyond the physical, so does the support. The construction trades are renowned for their commitment to the safety, health, and well-being of their workers, both physically and mentally. 

How so? Many unions and trade organizations offer mental health resources and programs to help and support their members. These can range from confidential counseling services to support groups to education and training on managing stress and anxiety. For example, SMART Union and Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers have Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), IUPAT has an initiative called Helping Hand, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has confidential mental health and addiction programs available to its members and their families at the local level. This is much, much more than other industries are doing!

There are also national organizations like the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline that offer resources specifically tailored to those in the building trades.

And let's remember the power of peer support. In the trades, it’s a brotherhood and a sisterhood; tradespeople are known for the steadfast support they give each other through thick and thin. A culture of caring and having the help of someone who understands the unique challenges of working in the trades can make all the difference.

In the building trades, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. If you ever need help, no matter what that help is, know you will get it here. 

Looking for a new career where you know you’ll be supported no matter what circumstances you face, whether in your job or your personal life? Consider a career in the trades. Learn more and get started today!

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Construction Trades Offer Great Careers for Moms

[fa icon="calendar'] May 11, 2023 10:00:00 AM / by Construct Your Future posted in building trades, career opportunities, construction workers, Women in the trades, women in trades

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Mothers play an incredibly important role in our society. They’re often the backbone of their families, working hard to love, nurture, and provide for their children to ensure they have the best possible future. The value they bring not only to their families, but to the workforce and world around them, is undeniable.

Traditionally, women have gravitated towards careers in healthcare, education, and other service industries. But there is a growing movement of mothers who are pursuing careers in the construction trades. And they’re thriving.

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10 Reasons to Choose a Career in the Building Trades

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 25, 2023 11:33:55 AM / by Construct Your Future posted in building trades, construction jobs, careers, career opportunities

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“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” We’ve all heard this advice, but it can seem unrealistic and unattainable. After all, how many people you know actually love their job? Likely, very few.

But ask around the building trades, and you’ll find countless people who truly love their jobs!

Why? Here are just 10 of the thousands of reasons: 

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Why a Lineman’s Job is So Important

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 13, 2023 5:33:42 PM / by Construct Your Future posted in building trades, construction jobs, electrician, careers, electrical industry

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Have you ever stopped to think about how electricity gets to your home or job? You flip a switch and the lights come on, or you plug in your phone charger and it starts charging. But have you ever thought about what happens behind the scenes to make that possible? That's where lineworkers come in.

Lineworkers are skilled professionals who work on both overhead and underground power lines and electrical systems to ensure that electricity is transmitted safely and efficiently across cities, counties, and states. They are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing the infrastructure that carries electricity from power plants to homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, factories, and all of the other buildings and facilities that make up our communities.

Without lineworkers, we wouldn't have electricity. That means no lights, no refrigeration, no heating or air conditioning, no internet…the list goes on and on. But lineworkers aren't just important for our daily conveniences. Lineworkers play a critical role in keeping our modern society running safely and smoothly

When a storm or natural disaster strikes, lineworkers are often first on the scene. They know that even a few minutes without electricity can have a huge economic impact on a community and can put lives in serious danger. They work tirelessly in dangerous and extreme conditions, at all hours of the day or night, to restore the power needed to keep hospitals running during a storm, and students cool during the hottest school days.

It’s no wonder that lineworkers are often called the "unsung heroes" of our society! Their work can be hard and dangerous, and requires immense amounts of expertise, skill, and bravery. Yet they willingly and proudly do this work to ensure that we have the electricity we need to power our lives.

Lineworkers also have a critical role in enabling a bright future for our country and communities. As the world becomes more reliant on electricity, lineworkers are responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure can handle the increased demand by learning and working with cutting-edge technologies to make the power grid more efficient and reliable.

The job of a lineworker is not an easy one, but it’s an important and rewarding one. They are essential to our way of life and play a vital role in our society. So, the next time you turn on a light or charge your phone, take a moment to appreciate the lineworkers who make it all possible!

Interested in becoming a lineworker? Learn more about how to get started with an electrical apprenticeship to join the ranks of these brave men and women!

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Why More Women Are Choosing Careers in the Trades

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 23, 2023 11:28:51 AM / by Construct Your Future posted in building trades, careers, career opportunities, Women in the trades, women in trades

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It’s an exciting time to be a woman in the trades. While it’s no secret that the construction trades have historically been a male-dominated industry, women are breaking down barriers and making their mark in the trades. You can now find women on most job sites, working in a wide range of trades, from carpentry and plumbing, to electrical and HVAC.

In fact, over the last five years, the number of tradeswomen increased by over 32%! 

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Success In The Trades Has Nothing To Do With Luck

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 16, 2023 1:47:02 PM / by Construct Your Future posted in building trades, apprenticeship, construction jobs, careers, Construct Your Future, registered apprenticeship program

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With careers that provide exciting projects, meaningful work, fantastic benefits, great pay, limitless opportunities for growth, and an enviable work-life balance, it’s no wonder that construction tradespeople hear “wow, you’re so lucky!” quite often.

For many people and in many professions, success often does come down to luck - who you know, who you meet, being in the right place at the right time, etc. - but a successful career in the trades has nothing to do with luck

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Black History in the Trades: Constructing an Inclusive Future

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 24, 2023 4:58:56 PM / by Construct Your Future posted in building trades, trades, United States Construction

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Constructing the future is more than choosing a trade, learning a craft, and building a career.  Today, anyone has the opportunity to have a career in the construction trades with safe working conditions, benefits, and good pay, but that hasn’t always been the case.

In honor of Black History Month, this post is about how the construction trades, especially the union construction trades, grappled with how to bring Black workers into their ranks, integrate them, and ultimately give them a big role and a big voice in the trades.

For many years, the trades excluded Black workers, just like they were excluded from public transport, schools, stores, and other public institutions. Progress and inclusion came slowly for the trades labor unions, pushed forward by changes both within and without.

In Chicago, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 134 was one of the first to support Black electrical workers. In 1919, Samuel Taylor joined the IBEW and in 1922, he founded Taylor Electric, the first Black-owned union electrical company as an IBEW member. The company is still operating today. In 1943, Local 134 also had the first Black business representative and was one of the first local trade unions to include Black members in leadership.

Not every trades group and local union was so supportive. After being excluded, many Black workers refused to give up, and they continued to organize for better pay and better working conditions. On top of that, they also shouldered the burden of fighting for integration and equality. Organizations like the Negro American Labor Council (NALC) were founded to support Black workers. They organized major events like the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom that helped push forward the Civil Rights Movement and Black workers’ acceptance into the building trades.

These efforts helped bring us to a better future for all workers. Black tradespeople are an integral part of the building trades today, serving in positions of leadership, reflecting the lasting influence of these early members and organizers. African Americans have risen to the highest ranks in the trades. For example, Kenneth Rigmaiden, the immediate past General President of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT), was the first African American elected president of a building trades union. As GP, he fought passionately to advance workers’ rights and immigrant rights and was a leading advocate for racial and economic justice.

Because of our African American tradespeople’s dedication and commitment to building a better and more inclusive tomorrow, all the trades workers now enjoy better pay, safe working conditions, and long-term benefits. During Black History Month we look back and recognize the contributions of our Black members who created these opportunities for all of us.

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