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Moving Up as an Electrician

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Opportunities are endless for those who start their career as an electrician through a registered apprenticeship program. Just like most jobs, you get what you put into it.  If you set goals and work to accomplish them, you will get where you want to be.

Everyone in the electrical trade, at some point, had no experience. The successful electricians work to improve their skills, not only in the beginning, but throughout their career. 

The registered apprenticeship model is designed to build a foundation, while also encouraging electricians to continue learning. 

Learn from experienced electricians

The best way to gain knowledge and learn new skills in the electrical construction industry is from those experienced in the trade, both on the job and in the classroom.

Registered apprenticeships for the construction trades have been following this model for generations. Not everything can be taught through a textbook, making real-world experience the best learning method.

The Journeymen electricians that Apprentices work with are skilled, knowledgeable in the trade, and can relate, as they were once Apprentices who learned from other experienced electricians.

Set career goals, move up 

There are many electrical construction jobs that provide an increase in salary, based on experience. 

With a registered apprenticeship program, electricians increase their pay through progression in a five-year program. When they reach Journeyman level, they “top-out” at an agreed upon wage with additional opportunities to move their career forward.

Like any workplace, job sites have a leadership structure. Each day, electricians get assigned tasks to complete from a Foreman. This Foreman is responsible for the progress of his or her specific team or trade. With this increased responsibility, comes a higher hourly rate.

Transitions in the electrical field

Besides being a Foreman, there are a wide variety of other opportunities for experienced electricians; Supervisor, Project Manager, Estimator, and Inspector just to name a few.

Some electricians go on to become business owners. Being an electrical contractor takes more than just corporate smarts. It takes knowledge of the trade and of the construction industry. It is why so many electrical contractors started out as field electricians.

Just like anything in the construction industry, there are requirements to become an electrical contractor. It takes a certain amount of practicing hours as a Journeyman electrician and, depending on the state, an exam.

Some registered apprenticeship programs will allow for an electrician to work toward a college degree at little to no additional cost.

If you are interested in a career in the electrical construction industry, the best way to start is with a registered apprenticeship program. Please fill out the form below to receive more information about these programs!

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