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Jobs That Can't Be Automated

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 27, 2023 3:37:56 PM / by Construct Your Future

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With AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics becoming more and more sophisticated, many people are starting to wonder about the future of work and worry about their jobs. Will chatbots take over the jobs of customer service agents and receptionists? Will bookkeeping and data entry be handled only by machines? Will we never again interact with a traditional human server or cashier in the near future? Will robots handle all of our manufacturing and logistics?

While AI is starting to significantly impact and replace jobs and job functions in many industries, there are many skills that AI can never replace, and many of those skills are critical for success in the building trades.

anton-dmitriev-kBKOaghy8mU-unsplashDespite advanced AI technology, there’s a lot that AI can’t do, like the parts of jobs that require:

  • Strategic and critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Dexterity 
And guess what? Those are all key skills of a good tradesperson.

AI and robotics do have many impressive capabilities, especially when it comes to repetitive tasks that follow the same rules over and over again, but that doesn’t mean they can or will replace human work. While a painting robot can spray the inside of an industrial tank, that doesn’t mean an industrial painter is out of a job. A skilled tradesperson is still needed for complicated parts of the job and to operate and even program the painting robot.

Robotics and AI can’t deal with unstructured and unknown spaces or quickly changing and volatile conditions, but a highly trained and skilled tradesperson can instantly adapt to any new environment and get the work done safely.

Of course, technology will continue to evolve, and some aspects of all jobs - even those in the construction trades - will eventually change or be replaced by new technology. But what won’t change: a tradesperson’s adaptability, creativity, and commitment to true craftsmanship. No matter what technological advancement comes, tradespeople will find a way to harness it and use their greatest tools - their minds and their experiences - to fill in the gaps.

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