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If You Are an Artist, You Should Consider Becoming an Artisan As Well

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Are you an artist? Do you make art? Do other people tell you you are artistic? 

Do you get excited when you get new materials to work with, or better yet, when you find new materials and use them to create a piece of art? 

An artist is someone who looks at the world differently, someone who sees the possibility for making and building everywhere and at all times. 

The word art comes from the Latin word ars which means 'method, way, skill, craft, art, and knowledge.' 

Based on the original definition of art, it is clear that art is about more than just painting, sculpting or working with images; it is about knowledge, skill and craft in a more general sense. In a basic way, art is about experiencing and creating the world with and through one's senses, specifically through the sense of touch, that is, with one's hands.

The word 'art' is also related to the word 'artisan.' An artisan by definition is 'a worker in a skilled trade who makes things with their hands.' 

It should be clear that if you are an artist, or are artistic in any way, you are also an artisan, a craftsman; you are already someone who skillfully uses your hands to create functional, beautiful objects and systems. 

If you are an artist thinking of your next step in life, you should consider becoming a registered apprentice in one of the building and construction trades. 

Many artists work in the construction trades. Knowing a trade gives them the stability and income they need to continue making their art, while allowing them to continually improve their artistic sensibility on the job every day, skillfully making things with their hands. 

If you are an artist, you should also consider becoming an artisan, a true craftsman in one of the construction trades. 

Take a look around the site to learn more about all of the opportunities available to you in the construction trades. 


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