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Do you think outside electrical work is right for you?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 14, 2017 11:15:00 AM / by Construct Your Future

Are you someone who is up for a challenge, someone who is adventurous and isn’t afraid of hard work? Are you looking for a career that requires courage as well as specialized knowledge and the ability to work with your hands? 

A career as an outside electrical worker is not for everybody, but if you have the desire to learn, the ability to work hard and the courage and enthusiasm to do some of the most exciting and rewarding work around, then a career as an outside electrical worker may be for you. 

Outside electrical workers do the critical work of keeping our power on. They install and maintain the high voltage distribution, substation and transmission systems that keep power moving from power plants to the companies, facilities and consumers that need it every day. They also maintain and install underground residential distribution systems and traffic signals along with the high voltage cable networks that most cities have running below them. 

The construction industry is seeking individuals interested in becoming highly-trained and specialized experts, willing to do the hard work that keeps our country running. 

Highly experienced instructors at registered apprenticeship training centers will help you learn a valuable trade that will equip you for a lucrative, life-long career. 

As a registered apprentice, you’ll learn everything about the outside electrical construction industry, from the basics such as how to operate specialized tools and equipment like the bucket trucks, to safety issues such as personal protective grounding, working safely on energized conductors, and fall prevention. Skilled instructors will teach you what you need to know. 

Plus, you can “Earn while you Learn.” You’ll have the opportunity of getting great pay and benefits, beginning on the first day you’re assigned to a contractor. 

Right now, there is a great demand for power, and as technology continues to evolve and populations continue to grow, so does the stress on the electrical grid, which increases the need for a qualified workforce capable of maintaining it. 

To the consumer, how electricity works is a mystery. You flick a switch and the lights come on, you plug in a device and it begins to charge. 

Power doesn’t just appear magically. It does not push itself to the consumer; rather it is generated and distributed from power plants, down the grid, to homes and businesses everywhere, thanks to the hard work of highly-trained outside electrical workers. 

If you are ready to take on this challenge and start your journey as an outside electrical worker fill out this form and join us.


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