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By 2020, two thirds of available jobs will not require a bachelor’s degree or higher

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Perhaps you heard the college recruiter tell you that a degree from their prestigious university can get you a job anywhere.

You can't.

Just because you have a piece of paper that probably put you tens of thousands of dollars in debt, if not more, does not guarantee you a job. In fact, that piece of paper could keep you from getting a good paying job. 

A report from Georgetown University predicts that nearly two-thirds of available jobs in 2020 will not require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Instead, roughly half of those jobs will require vocational training such as an apprenticeship or an associate’s degree. 

Let that sink in. 

If you are a junior or senior in high school, by the time you graduate college with a bachelor’s degree, you will be overqualified to work in two thirds of the available job market. 

Before you make a big mistake, take some time to explore all your options – especially those in the construction field. 

Many construction companies throughout the country are in need of workers. 

Construction jobs are in high demand and there are not enough people going into this line of work despite good pay and good benefits. 

Registered apprenticeship programs teach men and women how to work safety on the jobsite and give you the skills needed to have a successful and fulfilling career. Start earning a livable wage the first day on the job. 

Before you start thinking about what fraternity or sorority you want to join, think about this: you can get a great job and earn more in construction than most of your friends will when they get out of college. 

Make the move now to join an industry in need of people like you by clicking here.


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