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Building Gratitude: Why Trades Workers Love Their Careers

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 20, 2023 1:08:10 PM / by Construct Your Future

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Ask any tradesperson what they’re thankful for, and you’ll often hear this: my career.

How many people can honestly say that? Ask around, and you’ll find that there are not as many as you would think and certainly not as high on the list as it is for most tradespeople. 

Prod a little further, and you’ll find that trades workers aren’t just grateful for their careers, they have some of the highest job satisfaction ratings and a recent study by BambooHR identified construction as the happiest industry in 2023

Why are trades workers so happy and grateful for their careers?

1. Solid Job Opportunities

The construction industry offers reliable and meaningful employment. Despite economic uncertainties and job insecurity in other sectors, the building trades have consistently offered a wide range of job opportunities. And with the demand for skilled tradespeople on the rise, the building trades offer a stable foundation for a lifelong career. Whether you're a plumber, electrician, or carpenter, the opportunities are as vast as the buildings they help construct.

2. Benefits that Build Security

Trades workers often enjoy a robust benefits package - great health insurance, paid time off, sick leave, unemployment insurance, a pension, and more - creating a safety net that allows them to focus on their craft without constantly worrying about the future. A sense of security is a powerful thing, and it'ssmiling finishing worker something tradespeople are grateful to have in their toolbelt.

3. Meaningful Work, Tangible Results

There's something immensely satisfying about seeing your hard work turn into something tangible. Trades workers can point to a building, a bridge, or a home and say, "I built that." The sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with creating something lasting is a unique perk of a career in the building trades.

4. Work-Life Balance that Stands Strong

While the construction industry is known for hard work, it also values the importance of downtime. Many trades workers enjoy a work-life balance that allows them to recharge, spend time with family, and pursue hobbies outside of their work on the job site. That’s because the agreements that govern the work include guidelines about how long a day of work is, including wages for overtime work. Also, a lot of the work is done at the job site and can’t be brought home, which means when you’re off the clock, you can focus on your family and your life.

5. Camaraderie on the Construction Site

The camaraderie and sense of belonging on a construction site is more than just a professional connection; it's a vital part of any job site. In the trades, nobody works alone and nothing can happen unless team members work together, coordinate their work, and keep each other safe. This teamwork creates bonds that stand the test of time.

So, why are trades workers so grateful for and happy in their careers? It's the perfect blend of job security, meaningful work, outstanding benefits, and a community that feels like family.

Looking for a career you will be deeply grateful for? Join us in the building trades! Learn more and get started today. 


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