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A new book reveals people's take on student debt, find alternatives

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A new book by University of California Berkeley professor David Kirp, titled “The College Dropout Scandal” addresses the issues that face students and universities regarding dropout rates and student debt.

It’s nothing new that people take on unnecessary levels of student debt to obtain a higher education in order to prepare for a career. Kirp talks about problems such as retention, how to fix the higher education system and alternatives for students to begin a well-paying career.

In the book, Kirp highlights that 34 million Americans above the age of 25 have some college credit, but no degree. That is more than 10 percent of the given population. He also notes that less than 50 percent of freshmen at public colleges and universities graduate within a six-year time period. Many of these students drop out of college because it is unaffordable or they no longer see the value in the investment.

Instead of taking on thousands of dollars in student debt, people can find alternatives to college such as a career in the building and construction trades. The construction trades offer earn while you learn, registered apprenticeship programs. These programs allow apprentices to earn a livable paycheck while receiving on-the-job training and classroom instruction.

The book makes the case for people to join the trades as opposed to going to college. By showing that the current system of teaching is inadequate, job-seekers should instead look to the trades to receive training and instruction from people who have been working in the trade for years.

One of the main factors that institutions attribute to dropout rates is the large size of first-year lectures. Students feel disconnected from their education because of the large number of people in the lecture hall.

Registered apprenticeship programs are selective and typically offer smaller class sizes. On-the-job instruction is typically one-on-one between a journeyman and apprentice.

As college costs continue to rise and Baby Boomers retire, now is the best time to start a rewarding apprenticeship in the construction industry. These jobs offer a great wage rate and provide valuable benefits.

Do you want to join a registered apprenticeship? Take a look at the various trades and construct your future today.

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